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Cars Hoping Integrate More Technology

Posted by on July 19, 2013

Car InteriorThe Jetson car is no longer a thing of the future.

After a decade of research into how vehicles can connect with each other and infrastructure, federal regulators are getting closer to ruling whether or not such futuristic technology should be mandated on all new vehicles.

Already a host of vehicles can parallel park themselves. Many new automobiles also talk to you, allowing you to make calls, change the radio, or reroute a navigation system with just the sound of one’s voice. Other vehicles send a rumbling sensation into the steering wheel when the car drifts out of place. Some vehicles are even equipped with side sensors that beep when a car is too close to yours. And cameras that project on a screen anything that may be in the way of backing up are virtually standards in new high end models.

But newer, innovative technology is likely on the horizon. Cars that talk to each other, the road, and even the traffic signals could be just around the corner. The University of Michigan is managing a pilot project for such technology and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to decide by this December whether or not all new vehicles should be standard equipped with such new technology.

In other words, the car of the future is here today. Imagine in 100 years what motorist will be driving, if they will even be driving at all. At this rate, those cars may be doing all the driving for motorists.

Thanks to NRMA New Cars for the picture of a car interior.

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