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30 Is The New 60 When It Comes To Cardio

Posted by on September 25, 2012

If you’re one of those people looking to lose weight but can’t seem to fit in fitness, you’ll be happy to hear 30 is the new 60 — minutes, that is. In a recent study in Denmark, performing a cardiovascular exercise like walking or running 30 minutes a day yields the same weight loss benefits as 60 minutes a day.

So how can you incorporate 30 minutes of exercise in your day? For people new to fitness, doctors suggest walking. It’s a highly beneficial exercise that is easy for beginners. There’s little risk for injury and it can be better for your body than jogging or running. Think about your daily routine and see where it makes most sense for you. It can be a part of your commute, your lunch break, or anytime you get an afternoon break.

If you like running or are looking to learn, 30 minutes of running is about the time it takes for a casual runner to complete a 5k. There are a lot of interval programs out there to help you learn and each day of programming is…about 30 minutes! If you’re already a running, push yourself to a new speed and see how many miles you can cover in 30 minutes.

If you still find that you don’t have time to fit it in every day, doctors recommend at least 30 minutes three times a week to stay healthy. To make sure you’re getting your exercise, jot down when you exercise.

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