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Alternative Proteins in the American Diet

Posted by on July 6, 2012

In a recent study by food marketing experts, Americans are eating more protein. However, that doesn’t mean people are headed to their local butchers to get it. The study shows that people are seeking out alternative protein sources to keep a balanced diet. Everything from powdered shakes to nuts, beans, and tofu, you can find ways to get more protein in your diet without adding more meat.

When you’re keeping your diet journal, you might notice that you’ve cut back on your meat consumption. However, protein is essential to a healthy and balanced diet. While you may not be interested in replacing meals with protein bars and shakes, there are ways to add more protein in your diet. You can add a variety of nuts to your diet as a healthy snack. You can replace chicken or beef with a healthy tofu alternative. You can even find protein-packed milk substitutes like almond milk.

A good way to start is by reviewing the last few weeks of your diet journal. First, identify if you’ve been eating enough proteins. Then, see what kinds of proteins you are choosing to eat. By adding and replacing some of the chicken, beef, pork, and fish with other sources, you can cut out more fat and fill up on more fiber with alternative foods. Trainers and nutritionists agree that this is one of the better ways to plan an effective weight loss plan.

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