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Author Archives: Elizabeth Clind

About Elizabeth Clind

Landscaping is my work, but gardening is my passion. Proud mom of 3 kids and countless sprouts.

3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home For Spring

Now that spring is upon us, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and start fresh with a clean home. Organizing closets and cleaning dirt and grime can breathe new life into your house, while some simple changes in decor can change the mood of the entire space. 1. Cushions, Throws, and Covers There’s … Continue reading »

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is less than a month away, so it’s time to start thinking about ways to show the moms in your life how much you care. Whether you need the perfect gift for your mom, wife, or mother-in-law, here are some tips to make their day extra special. 1. Do Her Chores Nothing says … Continue reading »

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Are Hostels the Best Lodging Option for Families?

Until recently, hostels had a reputation for being somewhat unorganized and unclean. Backpacking travelers could save significant money by shacking up with strangers in bunk-style quarters, hoping not to encounter bed bugs or roommates with sticky fingers along the way. Though hostels haven’t exactly caught on in the U.S., budget-conscious travelers can pay as little … Continue reading »

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Home Gardening Gets Tastier in 2014

If you think of flowers when you hear the word gardening, get ready for a change this year. The growing popularity of purchasing local produce, eating healthier, and cutting out pesticides has 20 and 30 year olds sparking a new trend that’s poised to take off in 2014–home gardening. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean rows … Continue reading »

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How To Make Cooking As A Family A Fun Experience

Preparing meals in the home is one task many parents handle on their own. By involving their children and inviting them to be hands-on in the process, parents can create a new opportunity for bonding. This provides families the opportunity to bond and spend time together in a healthy and fun way. But do you … Continue reading »

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How To Cure Sweating Windows

Sweating windows tend to be a rather common occurrence in the winter months. Moisture in the air collects on cold surfaces and settles, forming condensation. When your panes are well insulated, you’re less likely to see this phenomenon. But in extremely humid conditions, it’s unavoidable. The problem with this situation is that it can lead … Continue reading »

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is probably one of the most important things you plan for your special day, next to the dress and the venue. You’d like to ensure you have something elegant, fresh, delicious, and affordable. Begin by planning ahead. Start shopping for a baker 4-6 months ahead of time if possible. This gives you … Continue reading »

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Wedding Tent Ideas

Outdoor weddings have been popular for years, but many brides-to-be remain concerned about bad weather putting a damper on their special day. If you’re planning on saying your vows outdoors but don’t want to take any chances, one of the best ways to ensure you’re not rained out is to set up tents to cover … Continue reading »

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Make Plumbing Repairs Before Having Guests Over

Entertaining at your house can be great fun, whether you’re having a holiday party or just watching football. But you should make sure your plumbing is up to the task of handling all your guests before you invite them over. After all, lots of homes have little plumbing quirks that the residents get used to … Continue reading »

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Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Roofing Salespeople

You probably don’t make it a point to get on your roof regularly and look for problems to fix, but shady door-to-door salespeople are doing just that in some cities. Homeowners who fall for this trick are getting ripped off in many cases, because the supposed roofers who come to their door are not always … Continue reading »

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