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Are Cars with Smartphone Interactivity Taking Technology Too Far, or Making Driving Safer?

If you’ve been out of the car-buying market for a few years and are planning on purchasing a new vehicle soon, you’ll likely be surprised at the variety of features available today. Many features that were once considered a luxury upgrade now come standard. From heated seats to rearview camera displays, even the most basic … Continue reading »

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Get the Facts about Assisted Self-Parking Features

The idea of a self-parking car seemed pretty far-fetched just a decade ago, but now this feature comes standard on a variety of makes and models. Big brands, like Lexus, Volkswagen, Ford, and Toyota are including it everything from SUVs to trucks to minivans. Shoppers who are looking for a new vehicle this year may … Continue reading »

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Alternative Fuels in the Automotive Industry

For several years, our country has seen a shift towards alternative fuels being used for transportation. Technically speaking, these fuels include anything other than petroleum. Because it decreases our dependence on foreign oil and it’s better for the environment, the government is stepping in and providing tax incentives for people who wish to invest in … Continue reading »

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Reasons Consumers Still Buy SUV’s

With a current trend towards fuel-efficient vehicles, you might wonder why customers are still buying SUVs. There are a number of reasons why many are still leaning towards these gas-guzzling machines, despite their cost and inefficiency. 1. Safety—while some SUVs are safer than others, there tends to be a general assumption that a larger vehicle … Continue reading »

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Cars Hoping Integrate More Technology

The Jetson car is no longer a thing of the future. After a decade of research into how vehicles can connect with each other and infrastructure, federal regulators are getting closer to ruling whether or not such futuristic technology should be mandated on all new vehicles. Already a host of vehicles can parallel park themselves. … Continue reading »

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Pandora Broadening Its Reach

Is the online music streaming device Pandora carving out a niche in the car market? This week, the company said roughly 2.5 million car owners stream Pandora in their cars, making it by far the largest music streaming app in automobiles. Roughly 23 auto manufacturers offer the service as a built in component of their … Continue reading »

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The Steep Price of Auto Loans and Insurance

Are you paying too much for auto loans and insurance? You may, and it’s likely that you never even knew it. That’s because 5 percent of U.S. consumers may have an error on their credit report that could leave them paying higher premiums for everyday products, according to a report issued this week by the … Continue reading »

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Conserve Gas Usage In The Wintertime With These Handy Tips

Winters can be particularly hard on cars. With the stress of holiday travel, it can also be particularly hard on your wallet when it comes to gas mileage. In the winter, people tend to crank up the heat or leave their car idling, wasting gas and money. Gas prices have been fluctuating, but everyone can … Continue reading »

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