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Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Roofing Salespeople

Posted by on October 22, 2013

Tool Belt PhotoYou probably don’t make it a point to get on your roof regularly and look for problems to fix, but shady door-to-door salespeople are doing just that in some cities. Homeowners who fall for this trick are getting ripped off in many cases, because the supposed roofers who come to their door are not always licensed or even experienced.

So, if someone shows up at your door asking to conduct a quick inspection of your roof, you should refrain from agreeing to it. That’s because some of these salespeople end up charging homeowners for that inspection, even when they have insurance. Additionally, if a roofer shows up at your door and promises to do the inspection for free, he might insist that you now have to commit to hiring him for the job because he already did the inspection.

And of course, there is no way for you to know if the roofer is telling the truth! Unless you pull out your ladder and know all about roofing issues, it can be hard to tell if you really have a leak or if there is anything wrong with your roof at all. That means you may be paying a roofer or at least filing an insurance claim for no reason.

The bottom line is that if someone knocks on your door and wants to inspect your roof, you should politely decline and then request a business card so you can research the roofer’s reputation. If you do think your home might have roofing problems, and the roofer’s website and online reviews show he is legit, you can then schedule an inspection with confidence.

Thanks to Blue Diamond Photography for the photo of a tool belt.

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