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Will It Be Baltimore Or San Francisco In The Big Game?

Posted by on January 29, 2013

With the 49’ers impressive season, it’s not much of a surprise that they are heading to the Superbowl XXXXVII in New Orleans. Colin Kaepernick deposing of Alex Smith at quarterback has given them the edge they need to build on a couple of good recent seasons. The help of running back superstar Frank Gore has certainly helped also. Not that San Francisco has had a terrible recent sports year: the Giants won the World Series this past season for the second time in 3 years.

The Ravens are a little more of a surprise. With a tougher route through the playoffs, they capped an impressive postseason thus far by thoroughly beating the New England Patriots at Foxborough. Most pundits gave New England the edge on paper before the game but sports are rarely that predictable. The Ravens found an effective method of shutting down the Tom Brady led Patriots and negating a usually stunning offense. While the Patriots don’t have the most robust of defensive lines, there are a few choice players who were utterly negated during the title game. Joe Flacco might be ready to live up the hype that many have bestowed upon him, not least of all Flacco himself.

While a couple of the recent playoff games have been absolute classics of the sport, this Super Bowl is shaping up nicely. These teams should be well matched and it will be interesting to see who breaks through after the opening first quarter or so.

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