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Build Real Self-Esteem by Letting Your Kids Take Risks

Posted by on August 12, 2013

Family Looking At iPadEveryone remembers that Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple. However, many people may not remember that in 1985, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. When he was rehired, he piloted Apple into the stratosphere and launched a mobile computing revolution. So what does the story of Steve Jobs have to do with parenting?

Too often, parents try to prevent their kids from experiencing the pain of failure, and they don’t allow their kids to take even the smallest risks. However, as Jobs learned, some of life’s greatest lessons are learned from taking risks, even if those risks don’t immediately result in success.

Keep these three questions in mind when deciding whether to let your child take a risk:

1. Is my child in real danger, or am I in danger of becoming worried?

Keep your kids away from situations that could cause serious harm, but don’t keep them from taking risks just because you may have to feel worried.

2. Is my child making the decisions, or am I?

Always give your child an age-appropriate choice, and explain why one option may be more difficult than another. Then, let your child decide what to do. He or she will gain a sense of autonomy and mastery.

3. Am I giving my child the freedom to solve her own problems?

Wait a little bit longer before stepping in when your child is learning to tie her shoe. Your child develops self-confidence from seeing that she has the ability to overcome even simple struggles.

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