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Calorie Counting Methods

Posted by on May 7, 2012

diet journalIf you’€™re changing the way you eat to lose weight, chances are you’€™re cutting calories. Counting the sum of calories consumed each day can be a hassle but there are several ways that simplify the process to make it easier to track your changes.

There are several meeting groups and online programs that make counting calories easier. Often they talk about portions rather than calories. You don’€™t have to labor over the details, simply follow guidelines for types of foods, methods of cooking, and portion size. You can log these items into a profile or keep a diet journal. You can even sign up for a meal plan that does all the hard work for you. Just eat the meals on the plan at the right daily intervals and you’€™ll shed the weight easily!

If you really are staying to a strict calorie count, there’€™s an app for that. Smartphone applications are available that track your calorie count for the day. Just put in the foods you eat throughout the day and it quickly adds it up! It can even deduct calories when you exercise. For really interesting ways to skip the hassle, there are even programs where you can take a picture to calculate calories – no journalling necessary!

Keeping a diet journal is also helpful. It’€™s not exactly counting calories but it will help you learn a new way to think about eating and portioning. You won’€™t have to stress out if you can’€™t calculate calories from a night out to a restaurant or dinner party. It’€™s also good to review every once in a while to see where you’€™ve improved.

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