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Can Taking Multi-Vitamins Harm You?

Posted by on October 28, 2011

While common sense cries out in argument, recent studies have shown that taking multi-vitamins may not only be ineffective at promoting health, they may also be downright harmful. This rallies against all recent medical and nutrition thought processes that believe vitamins are necessary for antioxidant reduction and studies that have tried to show multi-vitamins can help reduce the rate of cancer. In fact, several recent studies have shown just the opposite.

It was found that men taking vitamin E supplements had a 17% increase in risk of prostate cancer with all other confounding variables accounted for. This was proven in a study of 35,000 healthy men who took either vitamin E or a placebo for 7 years. In another recent study, older women taking multi-vitamins and found that they had a slightly higher risk of dying than the participants in the study that were not taking multi-vitamins. This study included 38,000 women in their 60s and followed them through their 80s and 90s. Researchers are stunned and considering the far-reaching effects of these results. US consumers have made multi-vitamins an important commodity and spend over $20 billion each year on the supplements. In short, most physicians are not recommending that taking multi-vitamins can hurt you, but need more research in order to come to better conclusions. In the meantime, take your health in your own hands and make the decision with your doctor about which vitamins you feel are lacking from your diet and need supplementation.

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