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Detox Diets: How Do They Help?

Posted by on July 30, 2012

A lot of people jumpstart a new diet with a detox plan. A detox, unlike a normal diet, it a period of time where you limit your food consumption to certain foods. It can jumpstart your weight loss and help your body adjust to the changes you’re about to introduce to it. Some people periodically undergo detox diets for health benefits alone.

Generally, most detox plans will include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and water. It can be limited to raw foods or include cooked foods as well. While many restrict meat eating, some include lean meats for needed protein. Certain herbs such as Licorice root, Yucca root, Milk thistle seed, Gentian root can aid in the detoxifying process. Detoxes restrict alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and drugs. These stimulants often have a counteractive effect. You should also stay away from processed foods that add additional salt, sugar, additives, or preservatives. Rarely is there bread or other grain based products on a cleanse as well.

You also have a lot of detox diets to choose from. Some are strict, requiring you to eat certain foods on certain days and not on others. Some limit themselves to just liquids. A simple cleanse, however, should include a lot of vegetables and fruit and never exceed 7-10 days. A good way to “detox your diet” is to journal for three weeks, identify your worst offenders, and work towards restricting them.

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