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Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee

Posted by on March 5, 2012

The reigning monarch of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the 60th anniversary of her taking the British crown. On February 6th, 1952, while on a safari in Kenya, the 25 year old Princess Elizabeth Windsor’€™s father King George VI, beloved for his actions during World War II, passed away in England and she ascended to position of Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II’€™s Diamond Jubilee is only the second in British history, the first was the celebration of England’€™s longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria’€™s 60th anniversary in 1897 when the monarch aged 78 was so frail she had sit outside the tribute celebration in St. Paul’€™s Cathedral, central London in the royal carriage, because she was not able to climb the steps leading inside.

While the British public is less and less concerned with the importance of monarchy in modern times displays of the pomp and circumstance of large royal occasions still induce an amount of patriotic pride and an air of celebration. The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton caused an upswing in national interest and discussions of the importance of monarchy on the British national mood. Much of the discussion in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations has involved the weak economy in the time of government and public sector cutbacks, weighing the cost of maintaining the monarchy versus the amount of money brought into the national through international interest and royal tourism.

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