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Get the Facts about Assisted Self-Parking Features

Posted by on February 26, 2014

Photo Of A Self-Parking Car - BlogAppeal.comThe idea of a self-parking car seemed pretty far-fetched just a decade ago, but now this feature comes standard on a variety of makes and models. Big brands, like Lexus, Volkswagen, Ford, and Toyota are including it everything from SUVs to trucks to minivans. Shoppers who are looking for a new vehicle this year may want to learn more and decide if this feature makes your list of must-haves for your next purchase. Check out these facts to assist in your decision-making:

1) There are different kinds of self-parking systems. Some require you to stay seated in the driver’s seat while the system parks the vehicle. Other models allow the driver to exit the vehicle and initiate the system from a button on the vehicle remote. This is convenient especially in bad weather conditions when getting out of the car early might mean avoiding a puddle or icy spot.

2) While a self-parking feature does come standard in plenty of models, it’s still considered an add-on for some. Make sure to find out whether getting this feature will lead to a higher price tag in case pricing influences your final decision.

3) The self-parking feature depends on a number of components, including a rear-mounted camera, motors that turn the steering column and activate the brakes, and an electronic control system to actually pull off the move.

4) This feature is intended for circumstances in which the vehicle should be parallel parked. It won’t help in other parking situations, such as backing into a tight space.

Thanks to cosmic_spanner for the photo of a self-parking car.

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