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Fall Brings the Harvest, and Harvests Bring the Mice

Posted by on September 25, 2013

Farm MouseIf you live in an area where there are farms, especially large fields, you may need to prepare for an inevitable mouse problem. When farmers start to reap their harvest, thousands of rodents who have made their homes there will be looking for a new place to stay. As fall turns to winter, they are going to be seeking out warm, protected places to stay Unfortunately, your house is the perfect place to stay.

There are many ways a homeowner can prepare for the season. Your best line of defense is the perimeter of your home. Before the weather gets too cold, survey the perimeter of your home to check for any holes or cracks that a mice might be able to slip through. Check the garage door, the foundation, and around plumbing. You’d be surprised! A mouse can fit through a hole as small as a nickel! To seal these compromises, try plumbers foam, caulking, or steel wool. This should discourage mice from entering the home without traps and baits.

Should you have issues with mice in the home this fall and into the winter despite your best efforts, a dead mouse is always better than a live one. Traps and baits will help protect against rodent-related property damage. It’s also smart to seal any food items, even bird seed and pet food. That way, mice are not attracted to any food sources you may have in your garage or cupboards. You can also contact an exterminator to help you solve any problems that may arise.

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