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Food Trends of 2011 and 2012

Posted by on February 14, 2012

We need food for sustenance. But, we also need it for its communal properties. Whether people where already gathering, they will once the food arrives. And with the economy still in recovery and employment in the state that it is, what are men, women, and families doing to get everyone together anyway? I looked into the food trends of the past year and the year ahead, and when it comes to food, it’s the same thing with a little bit of a spin.

First of all, comfort food will always top the list as go-to foods, whether you are single, in a family to two or ten. However, restaurants are copying cooking shows and home cooks’ explorations with the classics. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and tacos are going gourmet with truffles inside or unconventional cooking techniques to give your taco a different texture than what you’re used to.

Next, there will continue to be explorations with organic options which are plentiful. So whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover, know that organic doesn’t exclude anyone. Organic just describes the grower’s practices and how the produce, dairy, meat or packaged products got from the farm to the processing plant and into your grocery cart. At this point, men and women trending towards healthier options in 2012 are looking for new recipes to try out on their new goodies.

This brings me to the biggest food trends of 2012: trying new things. We’ve all heard how good it is for the body to eat the produce that is in that season; however, what do you do with them when you finally get them home? Here is an idea: go to your favorite cooking and recipe website or blog and look up the vegetable or fruit that you have in front of you. You’ll be surprised with what might just become your new favorite food.

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