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Frozen Fruits and Veggies For Your Diet

Posted by on August 29, 2012

When you’re planning your diet, consider buying frozen fruits and vegetables rather than the fresh alternative. They can be just as healthy and nutritious, but you’ll often get more bang for your buck. It’s also an easy way to buy inexpensive bulk items without worrying whether you can finish them off.

Frozen fruits are perfect for many applications. For people who like fruit smoothies, simply create a mix of your favorites, add some juice or water, and blend! You can also make fruit ice pops for snacks and desserts. You can also throw a dollop of yogurt in there. You can also defrost and toss into salads and cereals. Frozen vegetables can help you quickly and easily prepare meals. They also are better for you in the long run. They are always packaged in season, meaning they’re packed with the vitamins and nutrients you’re looking for. When fresh vegetables are out of season, chances are they were picked prematurely, so they will lack those essential nutrients.

You do have to make sure that you’re not buying products with added ingredients, especially sugars and salt. Flash freezing is a simple process that most food companies use to lock in the freshness, and also the nutrients! If you want to take a more natural approach, you can freeze on your own. Fruits can be spread on a baking sheet and frozen before bagging. For veggies, par boil for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before freezing and bagging.

When you’re keeping your diet journal, make sure you mention when you’re eating fresh and when you’re eating frozen. You can refer back to your journal later to see where you can substitute frozen for fresh next time to save money on your grocery bill.

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