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Can George Zimmerman Get a Fair Trial?

Posted by on April 20, 2012

george zimmerman fair trialThe Trayvon Martin case is definitely still a hot topic in the news, but now people are turning their attention from the boy to his attacker, George Zimmerman. While there is no denying at this point that Zimmerman was the man who pulled the trigger, the law still gives him the right to a fair trial with an unbiased jury of his peers. Yet, after the onslaught from the media, it may be challenging for him to get a fair trial. This case has quickly become one of the highest profile cases of the year, and finding a group of people who do not already have an opinion to serve as the jury is going to be a challenge.

The intense public outcry against the 28-year-old Florida resident has been incredibly. Rallies demanding his arrest, attacks on homes where he was believed to be living, and public ridicule wherever he goes is common. Because of this, attorneys are pushing toward moving the trial out of Sanford, the city where the shooting occurred, to try to take some of this pressure off.

In light of what happened after other high-profile cases, like the Casey Anthony case last year, attorneys are arguing that it will be difficult for a jury to vote its conscience. After rendering Anthony not guilty, many of the jurors in that case had to go into hiding due to the public outcry.

Of course, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law could mean that Zimmerman never has to stand trail. In this case, choosing a jury and creating a fair trial would not be necessary, and Zimmerman would walk free — at least as free as the public would allow him to be, with little repercussion for his role in this ordeal.

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