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GPS Fleet Tracking Can Lead to Savings

Posted by on December 27, 2012

Developed by the military and pioneered for consumer use by free market entrepreneurs, GPS fleet tracking systems have helped companies save thousands of dollars each and every month.

A GPS, or global positioning system, is a method that pinpoints your location with the help of 24 satellites constantly orbiting the earth. Circling our stratosphere twice daily, these satellites send data back to ground receivers that calculate the location for any specific object based on time and distance. When used properly, this data creates a whirlwind of money-saving options.

Consider the potential cost savings with fuel consumption, customer service, insurance, and more. For instance, if your business deals with a substantial amount of deliveries each month, GPS fleet tracking systems can track the fastest routes for travel available. While this may only shave off a mile or two each time, studies have shown that over the course of time you can see a 5 percent decrease in fuel consumption. These savings can add up quickly.

A GPS tracking system is also great for customer service. With a fleet system running deliveries all day every day, it’s likely that customers will call and ask about the status of their delivery. Without hesitation, you can give immediate answers about delivery times and locations. This sends a strong message that you are organized and dependable. This can ultimately improve your reputation and attract new customers.

Also, consider the insurance benefits. If one of your vehicles is stolen, GPS tracking can help pinpoint its whereabouts from the moment it disappears. The sooner you can locate your property, the better chances are of securing it in one piece. This will decrease your insurance costs. If your business isn’t using GPS, it’s not taking advantage of easy opportunities for savings.

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