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A New Green Roof – Eco-Friendly Home Improvement

Posted by on January 31, 2012

The latest trends in home improvement seem to be going green. Energy efficient windows, paint with low fumes, and “green” light bulbs are all showing up in homes across the nation. One way that homeowners can continue in their endeavors to go eco-friendly is by installing an innovative green roof. A company has recently introduced a roofing tile that actually “eats” the gases that cause smog. This means that the roof can be turned into an outdoor air purifier, which is something very valuable in parts of the country decimated by smog problems.

Currently being used in California and Europe, the smog-eating roof tiles are made out of concrete. When smog hits it, a catalyst in the tiles turns it into organic matter. This organic matter, which eventually washes into the soil, actually works as a fertilizer. With the help of this roof, the formerly toxic gases in the air are turned into something entirely useful, all without any effort on your part. If this idea takes off in California, where smog is a very big concern, then you can expect to start seeing it in more areas of the country.

Just how effective is this new roofing? According to industry experts, one 2,000 square foot roof will cancel out the same amount of smog created by driving 10,000 miles. That is a tremendous amount of an impact for something as simple as your new green roof. If you are serious about going green and see roofing work in your near future, consider these smog eating tiles as the roofing material of choice.

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