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A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Though not a new concept, essential oils have seen a tremendous increase in popularity in the last six months alone. As consumers look for all-natural solutions to common aches and pains, they’re finding that essential oils can offer relief. They treat a number of conditions and issues and are completely natural. Learn more about these … Continue reading »

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From The Operating Room To The Board Room: Recovering From A Facelift

There’s no denying the impressive results of facial sculpting plastic surgery, but it’s important to remember that it’s not an instant fix. Any surgical procedure comes with a recovery period, and exactly how long that period lasts depends on many factors, including the complexity of the operation performed, the technique employed by the surgeon, and … Continue reading »

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The Fast Diet: Does It Work?

There’s a new diet craze hitting U.S. called The Fast Diet, also known as the 5:2 Diet. This eating regimen involves eating whatever you want for five days of the week, and then severely restricting your caloric intake the other two. Men are suggested to eat 600 calories during these “fast” days, women only 500. … Continue reading »

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CrossFit: The World’s Most Polarizing Workout?

Love it or hate it, CrossFit has some of the most devoted fans and avid enemies. This fitness regimen was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, but its cultural significance has recently taken the world by storm. Garnering a following with certified trainers in approximately 7,000 gyms nationwide, CrossFit’s specific regimen has gotten the attention … Continue reading »

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Five Natural Tricks for Whitening Your Teeth

Everyone wants a white smile, and fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways you can get one. Of course you’ll want to start with thorough brushing at least twice a day. Flossing is also critical to not only oral health, but to ensuring you have a gleaming, clean smile. But it doesn’t stop there. From … Continue reading »

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Identifying and Addressing Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Maintaining good oral health is a holistic process that involves regular brushing and flossing, plus regular dental appointments for cleanings and X-rays. Preventative care can go a long way towards ensuring your mouth and teeth are healthy. But there’s one bad habit many people have that they’re not even aware of, yet it takes a … Continue reading »

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MyFreeImplants: Stretching the Limits of Social Media

A website founded in 2005 has one goal: give women breast implants…for free. It may seem impossible, but as always, the devil is in the details. The website itself, which is aptly titled, doesn’t simply give money to women who want implants–that would be impossible–but rather describe themselves as “a social networking website that … Continue reading »

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Researchers Discover Protein That Plays Key Role In Memory Process

Thanks to groundbreaking studies performed by researchers from Columbia University, scientists may be one step closer to understanding how memory function breaks down as people age. In a recent report published in Science Translational Medicine, a protein by the name of RbAp48 plays a significant role in how brains process, store, and retrieve memories. In … Continue reading »

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Google Glass Being Utilized By Surgeons

Google Glass, the latest technology released by the search engine and Internet service giant, has caused a stir in the tech-savvy crowd. Essentially a wearable computer built into glasses frames, it has early adopters eagerly paying upwards of $1,500 to experience what many consider the next wave of personal computing, and has others raising questions … Continue reading »

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Thanks to Health Care Reform, Employers Move Towards Self-funded Insurance Plans

A number of businesses are currently debating as to whether they will continue to offer their employees health insurance plans as they have been, or adopt modes of health insurance now that health reform is changing. With the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there are several problems beginning to greatly affect the health … Continue reading »

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