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Your Heart Health: Diet Plans and Overall Wellness

Posted by on July 13, 2012

Today, many people looking for a new healthier diet and very concerned with heart health. Diet can have a great impact on this goal, and a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that people who restrict their caloric intake have hearts that age at a slower rate. Many of the patients studied had hearts that functioned as if they were up to 20 years younger. The researchers behind this study measured of the heart’s ability to adapt under reduced calorie conditions. They found that physical activity, sleep, and stress does takes less of a toll in people who have restricted their caloric intake for an average of seven years.

It is important to note that by eating too little, you can damage the functions of the heart. If you are interested in adopting this lifestyle, it is important to keep a journal of what foods you do consume to make sure that you are eating enough food. Know that increased activity like running or working out will require you to consume more calories. If you’re worried about whether you’re taking care of your body you can consult a nutritionist that shares this philosophy. Bring your journal and discuss your lifestyle changes in your effort to live a healthier life.

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