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Holiday Fitness — Staying In Shape Through The Season

Posted by on December 15, 2011

holiday fitnessThe holiday season is filled with opportunities to do little more than sit and eat. For those who are trying to get or stay fit, this presents a very big challenge. Here are some holiday health tips to help you enjoy your holidays without packing on the pounds.

First, do not spend all of your days obsessing about what you will eat. Give yourself some room to enjoy the special food of the season, but do so with moderation. If you know there is a big party in the evening, choose a low calorie, healthy breakfast and lunch. Then, do not gorge yourself with the holiday faire at the party. Eat until you are satisfied, but take small portions of the items you want. You will avoid overeating while still enjoying the tastiness.

Next, do not neglect exercise. Pull out the treadmill while you watch a holiday film, or take the kids outside to play in the snow, making sure you are running around just as much as they are. Exercise can make up for a world of eating indiscretions.

As you enjoy your food, you can make it a little healthier by avoiding high calorie condiments. Gravy and salad dressing, for instance, add a ton of calories to your turkey and veggies. Instead, opt to have the turkey plain and your salad with just a little healthy oil. Or, choose low-calorie options to ensure that you can enjoy your food without too many added calories.

Remember, you need to give yourself permission to enjoy the season, with all the stresses of holiday travel and shopping trends. You will derail your healthy eating plans far more by withholding treats and binging in the end. Instead, plan carefully, but give yourself the opportunity to indulge during this special time of year.

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