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Holiday Foods To Avoid This Season

Posted by on December 11, 2012

We have all been there, that is quietly debating over which holiday foods we should indulge in versus the ones we should avoid during the holiday season. This is particularly true if you are attending many parties or gatherings decorated with elaborate and enticing displays of food. However, the truth of the matter is that with so many unhealthy food choices, the odds are incredibly stacked against you with respect maintaining a healthy diet, let alone the health of your teeth. While there is certainly no shortage of information recommending healthy food choices, it isn’t very often that you will find tips regarding which foods represent mindful choices to promote healthy teeth.

Whether you consider yourself an informed person or not, information is always changing with respect to the foods you should eat as well as what you should stay away from. This is especially true as studies reveal new concerns for our health. One pivotal aspect of our health, oral health, which is often overlooked particularly during the holiday season, has the greatest potential of all to cause devastating consequences to the health of our body as we continue to binge on sugary food and processed products. Specifically, you should avoid or severely limit your intake of cakes, cookies and crackers, all of which contain high amounts of carbohydrates that build up on your teeth and cause plaque. The results of which can and will compromise your immune system by weakening it, but also can lead to tooth decay and disease if left untreated.

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