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Holistic Dentistry 101

Posted by on November 27, 2012

As more and more individuals and families look to alternative treatments in an effort to enhance their lives, it should be no surprise that medical professionals of all kinds are realizing the importance of this growing trend. Although holistic dentistry has been in existence for quite some time, this alternative form of dentistry is experiencing a growth in popularity due to increasing concerns over mercury fillings and other harmful chemicals commonly used in the field of dentistry. However, holistic dentistry promises more than just teeth cleanings and root canals with toxic free fillings. Specifically, the intention of holistic dentistry is designed to deliver dental care within the context of promoting health and wellness. In doing so, dentists trained in this alternative form of treatment specialize in practices that are focused on providing the same dental care that you are accustomed to; however, the only difference is that a holistic dentist will do so utilizing non-toxic and less toxic materials.

Despite criticism from non-holistic practicing dentists, holistic dentistry has a strong presence within the dental care community. While there are several reasons for this, the primary reason is due to the fact that there is increasing evidence that suggest chemicals that are used in routine dental procedures such as mercury, produce very harmful side effects. This in combination with an understanding that a healthy immune system can and does dictate the onset of oral health issues as well as how well you heal from them, will continue to influence not only wellness seekers but dental practitioners as well.

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