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Home Gardening Gets Tastier in 2014

Posted by on February 17, 2014

Photo Of A Small Herb Garden - BlogAppeal.comIf you think of flowers when you hear the word gardening, get ready for a change this year. The growing popularity of purchasing local produce, eating healthier, and cutting out pesticides has 20 and 30 year olds sparking a new trend that’s poised to take off in 2014–home gardening. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean rows of perfectly manicured beds and hours spent every weekend keeping things in pristine condition. Instead, these young do-it-yourself types are turning to a more modest prospect–herbs.

Growing your own herbs is simple and it comes with big rewards. It doesn’t require much of an investment and takes up little space. Most climates permit herb gardening to be done in the house or outside, so even apartment dwellers can get in on the fun. Its rewards are almost instant, especially when compared to vegetable gardening, which may take a few months of patience before you’ll see the fruits of your labors.

The practicality of herb gardening is obvious. You can add a handful of crushed up oregano or basil to countless dishes, and serving mint-infused water at your next social gathering is sure to earn you some serious brownie points with guests. Many herbs are known for their health benefits, and with the right mixture of fresh herbs, lots of home chefs can cut out salt or other not-so-good-for-you flavorings. This is one trend that’s good for everyone, so let’s hope it sticks in 2014 and beyond!

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