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Home Security Advances Aid Police in Catching Criminals

Posted by on August 30, 2013

Home Security Camera PhotoTechnological advances have not only made home security systems more sophisticated, they have also made them much better at helping law enforcement identify and catch criminals. Because of high-resolution cameras and other enhanced features, home security systems are able to capture better videos. This may lead to better images of criminals who have broken into a person’s home. Such surveillance videos are invaluable pieces of evidence and can be very helpful to police in locating and identifying suspects.

News stories about how home security systems have aided law enforcement officials can be found in all parts of the country. For example, a man who fired shots at a family’s home in Riviera Beach, Florida, was caught and arrested because the family’s home security system was programmed to send an alert to the police as soon as it detected gunshots.

Home security systems can also be very helpful to police officers who are trying to catch a burglar. In Denver, police officers were able to issue a warrant for a man caught on tape robbing a family’s home. The burglar was identified solely by viewing the crystal-clear surveillance footage. In Detroit, a man was caught on video using his van to smash open the gates leading to a person’s home, then getting out of the van and robbing that home. Because of the surveillance footage, police officers were able to arrest the man and recover the van used to facilitate the crime.

In the past, surveillance technology was not as advanced as it is now, and video footage was often grainy or fuzzy. This meant that surveillance videos were of little to no help when police were trying to find a burglar or other criminal that had broken into the victim’s home. Thankfully, as technology has improved, the chances that burglars will be caught has also improved.

Thanks to JermJus for the photo of a security camera sign.

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