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Home Stain Removal With Household Items

Posted by on February 22, 2013

It’s frustratingly inevitable. No matter how careful we are with our children, our pets, and our parties, the occasional spill will occur and splatter the immaculate carpet you just had installed. For many homes, staying on top of home stain removal results in a carpet that is dull overall with bright clean spots where they have scrubbed fibers (and fingertips) away. However, there are occasions where a serious spill will occur and you do not have any professional cleaning agents in the house. Here are a few common household agents that can lift stains and prevent permanent damage.

Rubbing alcohol works great to take out grass stains from carpet. Use the alcohol mixed two to one with water as a pre-wash. Rub it on the stain until it is saturated and then wash the carpet or clothing as normal. Beware using straight rubbing alcohol that is not diluted with water as it may cause colors to run. Avoid ammonia when it comes to grass stains and never use rubbing alcohol on silk or wool.

If a guest (or you) have spilled red wine during a recent party, never fear! One tablespoon of dishwashing detergent mixed with one tablespoon of white vinegar in two cups of warm water creates a magical mixture that can be used for blotting. Once the stain has lifted out with blotting, continue to dry the area gently.

If you have recently discovered new felt tip marker artwork on your upholstery, your best bet will be combining all three of the ingredients noted above. Dishwashing detergent, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar can be mixed together and sponged onto the stain. Allow the felt tip marker art to soak up the mixture for 30 minutes and then blot every five minutes with more solution. Time and patience will see your upholstery looking like new with these home stain removal tips!

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