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Improve Employee Health with Better Scheduling

Posted by on March 7, 2013

The next time your boss tells you to come in on a Saturday – or perhaps a regular Tuesday for that matter – you may want to find an easy way to break some of the most recent studies regarding employee health and work time scheduling.

Studies are continuing to prove that employees who have flexible hours, the ability to set their own schedules, and are allowed to work from home, develop better self-care behaviors. These behaviors include better sleep habits, less stress, less depression, increased exercise, and regular doctor visits. Ultimately, what this could mean is a more healthy productive work staff with a better moral capable of achieving more.

Perhaps, one of the biggest studies that launched recent Internet news stories about employee health was the 2010 Cochran research review. This study looked at the results of 10 previous studies that evaluated more than 16,000 people. It found that those who scheduled their work time had a host of improve health metrics, including reduced exhaustion, improved sleep habits, lower blood pressure, improved mental health and a better self-reflective health status.

“Given the limited evidence base, we wouldn’t want to make any hard and fast recommendations,” said the review’s author Clare Bambra, of the Wolfson Research Institute at Durham University in the UK. “But these finding certainly give employers and employees something to think about.”

Now fast forward a few years later and it remains to be seen if many employers have taken note, but one thing is certain, studies upon studies seem to backing up this same notion. We wonder what your boss would think if this blog or the study magically appeared on their desk.

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