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Independent Health Care Solutions For The Self-Employed

Posted by on December 29, 2011

Healthcare, specifically the cost of health insurance, has been a hot topic for a long time. Our government is considering ways to reorganize how we think about healthcare and how we make sure that this basic right is managed in a way that allows more people to take advantage of affordable healthcare. One facet of this debate is how independently employed individuals can get access.

Today, there are a lot more people in the workforce that are considered “independent.” It may be that they are working as an outside contractor or for a brief period of time within a company. There are also those who run their own businesses, working from home providing a product or service to the community without being associated with a major corporation or business. Heath care and health insurance for these individuals is either incredibly expensive or affordable coverage lacks services. Because they are buying as an individual, they cannot take advantage of a “group rate,” which is what most employers offer.

A new trend has started in New York City where freelancers are creating a community and approaching insurance companies as a group to take advantage of group rate coverage. Although they are simply associated by a common trade, by creating a formal organization, they are able to access a premium price that is affordable and a coverage plan that is comprehensive.

It can be difficult to find affordable health coverage these days, especially when you’re approaching it as an individual. Although you are able to write off these expenses on your federal taxes, it can still be difficult to maintain a budget month to month. The groups in NYC encourage people to explore possibilities within their own cities and communities. As an independent contractor, I personally hope the trend catches on!

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