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Female-led Comedies Taking Over Hollywood

Posted by on July 3, 2013

Movie ClapperIs there a female-led film comedy renaissance occurring in Hollywood?

In 2011, audiences were wooed by the blockbuster hit comedy “Bridesmaids.” The movie pitted a maid of honor against a bridesmaid in a competition to win the adoring love of the bride to be, an out-of-work pastry chef. Not only was the flick nominated for two Oscars, including best original screenplay and best actress in a supporting role for Melissa McCarthy, but it also earned 11 other award nominations and wins. In its opening weekend in May 2011, the flick earned $26 million. By September 2011, it earned $169 million making it a bonafide hit.

Now, 20th-Century Fox’s movie “The Heat” seems to be following suit. Starring Sandra Bullock, as an uptight FBI agent, alongside McCarthy as a testy Boston cop, this slapstick comedy pairs these two women on a quest to take down a ruthless drug lord. In its opening weekend alone, the film pulled down $40 million, much more than “Bridesmaids” earned in its opening weeks, marking yet another hit for female led comedies.

While these two hit comedies have female-driven leads, male comedies seem to dominate. Flicks such as the “Hangover” series, “This is the End,” and “Ted,” have all earned incredible returns at the box office. Yet, with “Bridesmaids” making waves, and now “The Heat” heating up the silver screen, time will only tell if female-driven comedies are here to stay.

Melissa McCarthy was in both of these flicks. Perhaps is her alone who is making the waves.

Thanks to Shmector for the picture!

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