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Junk Food: Splurge or Avoid?

Posted by on July 11, 2012

For people looking to lose weight, one of the most difficult challenges to face is dealing with junk food. It may be why you’ve gained weight. It may be a guilty pleasure that you just can’t possibly live without. However, there is good news! In a recent study at the University of Tennessee, research shows that eliminating junk food from your diet does not necessarily help you lose weight. While restricted diets that eliminate junk foods do help you lose weight effectively, people who occasionally splurge but stay within their restricted calorie intake are shown to lose the same amount.

When keeping a diet journal, you shouldn’t lie or cheat. You should write down everything you eat and make note of the portion size. If you have your coveted candy bar or handful of potato chips, write it down. After a few weeks, you can identify your weaknesses. If you find yourself coming back to the same junk food time and time again, you can plan ahead and sneak it into your caloric intake while maintaining a healthy balanced diet around it. By cutting back on junk foods rather than eliminating them, you can find ways to enjoy your favorite foods and not feel guilty. Dieting works best when you never feel like you are denying yourself. So don’t!

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