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Why Mercury-Free Dentistry Practices Are A Big Deal

Posted by on December 18, 2012

If you have been to the dentist within the last forty years or so, you have probably heard your dentist mention the term amalgam, as in mercury fillings. While many dentists, who are generally referred to as holistic dentists, are vehemently opposed to the use of the mercury metal in dental practices, this chemical substance is still very much in use today. The debate over whether or not to use amalgam in dental procedures has been underway since the substance was first introduced into dental practice. However, despite dental community debate over the substance, it wasn’t until the 1970’s when a serious movement in the Unites States commenced among dental practitioners who sought to implement more wellness friendly practices.

Spawning primarily from the growing concerns over the health consequences to both the patient as well as the dentists, it became clear through rigorous research that amalgam is indeed a harmful substance. In doing so, there is just cause of concern within the medical community, but primarily the dental community. Specifically, the radioactive mercury in amalgam is in fact stored by the body and subsequently distributed throughout particularly impacting the renal system, i.e. the kidneys as well as developing fetus in pregnant mothers who are exposed to the substance. The results of which have made it profoundly evident for many to make the choice to utilize dentists who not only choose mercury-free dental practices, but more inclusively, a holistic approach to dental care.

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