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Is My Child Right for Montessori School?

Posted by on January 26, 2012

Parents who find themselves in search of an alternative to traditional education often look to Montessori schools. Unlike regular schools, Montessori programs provide students with a bit of freedom in determining how they will spend their time during the school day. In fact, as long as they stay within the guidelines of the program, the students can pursue whatever studies they wish while they are at school. This freedom is appealing to parents whose students do not seem to thrive in the traditional school environment.

Yet, like anything when it comes to education, Montessori may not be right for every child who is not performing well in the traditional school. How can you tell if your child is a good fit?

The good news about Montessori is the program seems to work for most types of students. When Dr. Montessori first used her plan, she did so with mentally challenged students. They thrived in her learning environment, which shows that students with disabilities can do quite well in Montessori.

Students who are particularly gifted also seem to do well. These kids are not held back by classmates who are struggling. They can master concepts and move on to something else as quickly as they feel comfortable. They also have the freedom to spend more in depth time on topics of particular interest to them.

Those who do not do well in Montessori are students with extreme behavior problems. Sometimes, the incredible amount of freedom they have in school is more then they can handle. These students may do better in a school setting where they are required to stay in a set routine. But the vast majority of students can thrive in Montessori if their parents are willing to stick with the program for the long term.

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