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New Google Privacy Policy is Less Than Private

Posted by on April 12, 2012

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google has the ability to collect countless bytes of information about you based on your search, browsing and online shopping activity. While following and using all of that information doesn’t sound particularly constitutional, a new Google privacy policy recently released by the technological giant actually allows them to consolidate information and provide it to other companies, such as online advertisers.

What is most disturbing to many users is that Google does not allow individuals the opportunity to opt out of this data gathering and sharing project. In fact, any user that searches with the Google engine is bound to their new privacy policy that permits sharing of the websites they visit, the things they buy online, and the news stories they read.

Google defends the new policy, stating that utilizing this information will enhance the user’s experience by providing customized service and feedback. Advertisers will be tailored to what they think you might be interested based on your shopping history and even which videos you have watched on YouTube. Google goes on to claim that they do not sell, trade or rent information that can personally identify you and that they simply use it to enhance your experience.

Many individuals are still a little nervous about this change and with good reason. There is tremendous economic value in a web surfer’s activity and it remains up to Google to ensure that information stays in good hands while protecting their users’ privacy.

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