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Crafters, Rejoice! New Stamping Technology Revealed At CES

Posted by on January 24, 2014

Photo Of Stamps - BlogAppealThe 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, known as CES to most folks, made a lot of headlines this year. Stories of wildly innovative and boundary-pushing technology wins us over year and after year, and this one was no different. For crafters, one product really stood out, especially given that it is both practical and affordable. That product is the Casio Stamp Maker.

The Stamp Maker uses a high-profile technology that has really been gaining steam and media attention over the last few years: 3D printing. The ability to print three dimensional objects seemed far-fetched and essentially impossible to most people just a few short years ago, but now 3D printers are appearing in print shops, offices, and homes across the nation. Casio decided to put that technology to use for the active crafting community. The product was successfully launched in Japan as the Pomrie before the company decided to launch it in the United States.

This 3D wireless printer enables users to create their own custom stamps. Users can simply use the included software on their home computer or on their smartphone to make their own design. The software comes with a variety of base designs, frames, and text styles to choose from, so users have a solid group of options to begin with. They can also use their own illustrations or photographs to design a truly one-a-kind creation. This makes it appealing to all sorts of crafters and amateur artists, including those who make their own holiday cards or stationery, those with kids, and, of course, scrapbookers.

Besides being a fun product that can appeal to all types of people, The Stamp Maker boasts another key selling point: it is affordable! The main unit sells for about $80, stamp bases are $5, and sheets of the stamping material sell for about under $3 each.

Thanks to simondavies57 for the photo of stamps.

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