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New Technology May Change Your TV Viewing Experience

Posted by on March 21, 2014

New Technology For Television Photo - BlogAppeal.comIf you’re thinking about getting a new television in 2014, there are some exciting features you’ll want to know about. Though 3D television hasn’t taken off in the past few years as they had hoped, all of the major TV manufacturers are continuing to look for the next technology that consumers will embrace.

Flat screens have been the staple for about a decade now, but that may be changing. Though the flat screen is the default TV in most homes, television companies are testing out models with curved screens. They claim that the viewing experience is better all around. It reportedly reduces glare and is more viewer-friendly for those who are sitting off to the sides of the TV. Samsung is even testing a prototype that is bendable and can be instantly changed from flat to curved. All the models available and being tested boast a huge screen size of 85 inches or more.

Major manufacturers have also increased the number of pixels in the new 4k models, which have four times the resolution of traditional HD TVs.¬†The 4k concept may make current HD capabilities a thing of the past. Prices are high on current models, starting at about $2,000, but all that will change if demand increases. Expect to see many major brands debut 4K models before the end of 2014. Like the curved screen technology, 4k Ultra HD looks better on large screens of 50 inches or more. Apparently those with smaller screens wouldn’t be able to notice a different in clarity or quality.

It looks like current technology being tested and introduced by TV manufacturers will only be affecting larger screens for now, so if you’re in the market for a more modestly sized model, you’ll likely find a flat-screen HDTV is the best way to go. Fortunately, you’ll enjoy the relatively lower prices that accompany this known and widely used format.

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