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Olympic Nutrition: Tips on Dieting from an Olympian Nutritionist

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Olympics 2012In a recent article in the Huffington Post, Jennifer Gibson, an Olympic nutritionist, reveals how these athletes approach Olympic nutrition while training and competing. While the article gives little detail to exactly what is included in their diet, it boils down to a few basic tips that anyone can use to lose weight and life a healthy lifestyle.

The most important advice Gibson gives is to eat whole foods. Rarely do Olympians eat processed foods or food substitutes. What really makes the difference is whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. You get more complete nutrition eating these foods. You also are more likely to know what you’re eating! Olympic athletes such as Michael Phelps are passionate about this kind of strict nutritional regimen. Keep a journal for a few weeks to see where you can substitute real foods for processed ones.

Most Olympians not only have coaches to help push them to their limits but also nutritionists to help them maintain weight, build muscle, and keep a strict schedule. In the life of an athlete, you’re either training, eating, or sleeping. With someone to help them keep a schedule, they can stay healthy and ready for competition. If you’re having trouble, you may benefit from the help of a nutritionist, too!

When you’re hungry, ask yourself, “Am I physically hungry or emotionally hungry?” It’s true! Most Olympians also emotionally overeat! With the pressure on their minds, they need to consider whether they are physically hungry or looking to feel better with a snack. When you’re getting a craving, consider whether you are physically or emotionally looking for food. Often a glass of water can curb the craving. With these Olympic nutrition tips, you’ll be dieting like a world-class athlete in no time!

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