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Take to the Air by Parasailing in Playa del Carmen

Posted by on February 17, 2012

When they are ready to leave their hotels, Playa del Carmen guests will find numerous activities to entice them. Many of these involve time spent on or near the water. One of the most adventurous options is parasailing.

Parasailing offers you a unique vantage point of Playa del Carmen. While many of the water activities focus on the view on or below the water, parasailing takes you above for a bird’s eye view. This can help you appreciate the breathtaking sight of blue waters crashing against white sand beaches, all while feeling the sea breezes blow through your hair as you fly through the air. hotels playa del carmen

Parasailing is a blend of water skiing and a hot air balloon ride. The take off is exhilarating as you feel the tug of the boat and the force of the wind lifting you into the air. You will float free as a bird as you sail above the waters, securely tied to the craft below.

One of the amazing parts of parasailing in this region is the fact that you must give up control. Unlike other water sports where you control your speed and direction, when you parasail, that is all controlled by your guide, who drives the boat below you. You simply enjoy the thrill of the experience and the breathtaking views passing by. For safety reasons, parasailing tours typically occur in less busy areas of the region, and that is yet another benefit, because you will get to see the natural look of the beach with fewer crowds.

Offering much more than just luxury hotels, Playa del Carmen is an ideal place to try your hand at parasailing.

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