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Paula Dean Diabetes Revelation: What This Says For Southern Cooking

Posted by on June 15, 2012

paula dean diabetesPaula Dean, diabetes sufferer and longtime Southern cooking champion, will now have to reconsider her techniques as she learns to live with this life-altering disease. It was announced earlier this week that Dean has been living with diabetes for the past 3 years. However, the queen of comfort food has not seemed to make any changes to her recipes or cooking styles in an effort to cater towards a better lifestyle for herself and her fans.

For the past 3 years Dean has continued to cook up fried, greasy, and unhealthy foods without one mention of her diabetes. Many of her fans are wondering why is she just now making an announcement about this life threatening disease. When one is diagnosed with diabetes immediate modification should be taken towards their lifestyles and eating habits. For an empire that thrives on fatty foods, Dean has shown no signs of modifying her cooking recipes in these last few years. But how will she continue to promote her cooking style and recipes without being able to eat them herself?

Although Paula Dean says she is making a few changes in her physical activity, it is no surprise changes need to be made in her diet. With almost 40% of adult Americans being overweight, changes in the American diet can start with Paula Dean. Diabetes sufferers everywhere would be inspired if she would just take this opportunity to completely change her life for the better. Fried chicken and sweet cakes can be easily replace with sauteed vegetables and fresh fruits. Having such a strong following, Dean can start to transition Americans into a healthier lifestyle starting with her cooking. The question now is will she?

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