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Pinkberry Cofounder Arrested For Assault

Posted by on June 20, 2012

On January 16th Young Lee, co-founder of Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for assault of a deadly weapon. The arrest took place at the Los Angeles International Airport as Lee was returning home after a trip to Korea. Police reports indicate that back in June 2011, Lee and another suspect were accused of beating a homeless man.

Lee’s attorney, Phillip Cohen, is stating that this allegation is simply not true. However, the LADP states that Lee and another suspect approached the victim because Lee thought the man was being disrespectful by showing an inappropriate sexual tattoo. The homeless man walked away from the beating with a broken forearm and injures to the head.

LADP states that this case has remained open since June of 2011 because it took a while to locate the victim to discuss this incident. Back in December of 2011, after finally finding the victim, LADP arrived at Lee’s home to arrest him. Lee, however, was in Korea, but pleaded with the police to surrender. After the district attorney denied Lee’s surrender, LADP greeted him at Los Angeles International Airport to take him into custody on Monday.

Cohen states that even though he has never seen the police report, he knows his client is innocent. Cohen argues that his client was in a car with six other possible suspects and it was the homeless man who was in fact threatening Lee. Cohen tells reporters that he intends to take this case to court.

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