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Reasons Consumers Still Buy SUV’s

Posted by on November 13, 2013

SUVs Driving In The SnowWith a current trend towards fuel-efficient vehicles, you might wonder why customers are still buying SUVs. There are a number of reasons why many are still leaning towards these gas-guzzling machines, despite their cost and inefficiency.

1. Safety—while some SUVs are safer than others, there tends to be a general assumption that a larger vehicle will keep one safer in an accident. Of course, the validity of this depends on the actual vehicle, type of accident, and whether or not passengers are wearing their seat belts.

2. Horsepower—many need a large vehicle with a strong tow capacity. Most SUVs can pull up to 2500 lbs; some can even go up to 12,000 lbs.

3. Cargo space—the interior of an SUV is, quite obviously, much larger than that of a traditional sedan. Some consumers need the extra space for large families, traveling, or frequent moves.

4. Weather—having a vehicle that can get around easily in the snow is a big advantage, especially for those who live in the northern climates where bad weather abounds during the winter months. Ironically, not all SUVs get around better in the snow. A lot of it depends on the condition of the tires and whether or not the vehicle is rear-, front-, or all-wheel drive.

5. Off-road capabilities—it’s well understood that most SUVs are great for taking off the road. Whether you do it as a hobby or just to enjoy the scenery, you’ll want a reliable all-terrain vehicle for this activity.


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