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From The Operating Room To The Board Room: Recovering From A Facelift

Posted by on January 9, 2014

Facelift Recovery PhotoThere’s no denying the impressive results of facial sculpting plastic surgery, but it’s important to remember that it’s not an instant fix. Any surgical procedure comes with a recovery period, and exactly how long that period lasts depends on many factors, including the complexity of the operation performed, the technique employed by the surgeon, and your own medical history. Before you go in for a procedure, make sure you talk to your doctor about what you should expect during the recovery phase.

As a general rule, patients getting a facelift can expect 2-3 weeks of limited activity and post-operative swelling and bruising. For simpler surgeries, you may be able to return to work after a week. It helps if your surgeon is able to make small incisions that can be covered up by your hair. Additionally, in colder months, bruises or swelling around the neck can be covered up with a turtleneck, allowing you to return to work and social functions without embarrassment.

There are some things you can do at home to speed up your facelift recovery, too. Before your surgery, maintain a healthy diet with a minimal caffeine intake. The healthier you are going in to the procedure, the better your body will be able to handle the healing process. After the procedure, it’s a good idea to avoid any activity that increases your heart rate or blood pressure. That means:

  • No smoking
  • No strenuous exercise
  • No blood-thinning medications like aspirin
  • Use only pain medication prescribed by your doctor

Though it does require an investment of time and energy, most plastic surgery patients agree that the end result is worth it. Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders closely to ensure the best outcome.

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