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How to Save Money on Food When Traveling

Posted by on November 7, 2013

Money On A PlateIf you’re planning a trip, whether overseas or just a couple of hours away, you know how quickly the costs of eating out at every meal can add up. With some careful planning, you can implement some simple tricks for putting your money to better use while on vacation.

On the day you head out of town, pack some food and snacks to take with you to eat while on the road. Also, check the destination’s website for local restaurant coupons. Websites such as offer coupons and offers for savings and gift cards. Even private organizations like AAA offer restaurant coupons and discounts for their members.

Try to book your stay at a hotel that offers complementary breakfasts and in-room kitchens. That way, you can prepare many of your own meals. While there you can shop locally. If you’re able to go to local farmer’s markets, chances are you’ll find better prices along with fresher foods. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to try a lot of the local cuisine.

Check some of the bakeries during the late afternoon. Many of them will offer half-off specials for items they intend to throw away if not sold before the end of the day. If they’re wrapped up nice and tight, many pastries will keep for several days.

Because most restaurants charge more for their dinner menu, consider making lunch your biggest meal of the day. Then at dinner, you and yours can split an entrée.

Remember these tips to save money on your next vacation.

Thanks to  Tax Credits for the image of money on a plate.

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