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Holiday Shopping Trends for 2011

Posted by on December 20, 2011

Everyone knows that the holidays mean shopping, but shopping trends can be different from year to year. Understanding the 2011 shopping trends will help you plan your strategy as you hit the stores this holiday season. holiday shopping

One trend that many people are noticing is a smaller inventory for the hottest items. If your kid has his heart set on the latest electronic device, snag it as soon as you can find it, because it might be gone tomorrow. This is in response to past years when stores were left with excessive inventory after the holidays because they bought too much.

Another trend is consumers who want more. People are getting used to being able to purchase items at rock-bottom prices, and as such they have started to practically demand such service. Now, consumers not only want the best and lowest possible price, but they also want to get some freebies with the deal. People are holding out on their purchase until they are certain that they have found the “best” deal. Look for stores adding gift cards to purchases or other promos to help land the deal.

A third trend in holiday shopping is a continuing increase in online shopping. Consumers want convenience, and what is more convenient than shopping from the comfort of your home? Online retailers are capitalizing on this trend by offering free shipping and other incentives to help grow the business from this demographic.

What do these trends mean for you, the consumer? Basically, they mean that deals are plentiful, if you know where to look. Take your time as you shop this holiday season, and you can score big!

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