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Sinus Season and What You Can Do About It

Posted by on March 7, 2012

There are allergy, cold, and flu seasons but it truly seems as though right now is sinus season. So many people are suffering with the inflammation, fever, pressure, headaches and never-ending mucus. Actually 24 million people are dealing with the effects of this condition in the United States alone. A reason for its occasional flair up, particularly around spring could be that it is set off by an infection that entered your nasal cavity, other allergies associated with the season, or autoimmune issues as well. However, severe cases are often caused by an infection and can be treated in a variety of ways. Although the use of antibiotics is being called into question for their effectiveness, they are still listed, among others, as a means to resolving sinusitis.

Sinusitis is like other illnesses or a viral infection in the upper respiratory or digestive tract. It takes one or two weeks to run its course, but you have to take care of yourself in the meantime or it could progress. An untreated sinus infection can spread to the eye sockets or cause blood clots in the face. The infection can even spread to the brain and cause vision problems, seizures, meningitis, or coma. So if you are experiencing a fever for several days, swelling and pain of the soft tissue around and above the nose, and headaches, you should go to see a medical professional with explicit details about your symptoms and how long you’€™ve been suffering. Your quality of life or whole life shouldn’€™t be cut short from a sinus infection, whether or not it’s sinus season.

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