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Sleeping Pills Linked To Higher Risk for Death

Posted by on April 6, 2012

Everyone has trouble sleeping now and again, but sometimes people have a major problem. They may seek professional help with sleeping pills to help them get some rest. While most sleep aids are for short term use, even a small amount can affect your health. A new study shows that people who take these medications on a regular basis are more likely to develop cancer or die prematurely.

People prescribed one to eighteen pills in a single year are three times more likely to suffer these and other effects. For those who take more than 130 pills a year, their risk is 5 times greater than someone who doesn’€™t take medication at all. As far as distinguishing risk across different demographics, sleep aids use is a a better predictor of health complications and cancers than a participant’s smoking habit.

The daily stresses of life have driven people to seek relief and alternatives, and researchers and drug companies are rapidly discovering ways to fill this need. There are several sleep aids advertised on television, both prescription and over the counter drugs. I have noticed that many prescription drug commercials, both sleep aids and other medication, often have a laundry list of risks that rattle off your risk for various health problems that you could experience. Death is often listed in this list of risks. For people taking a prescription sleep aid, the risk has been advertised, but it will be interesting to see how people adapt to this study and find ways to sleep more naturally without the use of drugs.

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