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Spot Fitness – Exercise By Body Part

Posted by on February 9, 2012

Today it seems that everywhere you turn there is a spot fitness guru promising to be able to help you lose some unwanted pounds in one specific part. Since puberty, most people have always complained about one or two specific areas. And if you have to time, they will explain, at length, what they don’t like about how it moves, looks, or feels. Now there are hundreds of dieticians and physical health experts who have worked very hard to design diet plans and specific workouts to focus in on those trouble areas.

There are several magazines that we all know and some of us love that focus on fitness by gender, by age, and by body part. We’ve seen the kickboxing, the dancing, the yoga, and the Pilates routines that give many people sculpted abs, legs, arms and buttocks. So, to be quite honest, I’ve actually tried the step 1, step 2 and step 3 type of routines found in those magazines. I definitely felt the burn, but there has to be a more effective way, I thought.

The advice, the instructors, the classes, the articles were always screaming the exact same thing. Variety will always be the key to fitness success for a body part or the whole body. The process of getting in shape or maintaining one’s shape isn’t about tricking yourself; it’s about conditioning your body to form and keep muscles, to burn fat and keep burning fat, to get lean and stay lean. Yes, apply the best abs exercises and the buns of steel workout to get the benefits of spot fitness, but don’t forget about the cycling, the dancing, the jogging, and the volley ball too.

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