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The Pros and Cons of Smart Home Security Systems

Posted by on September 10, 2013

Screenshot Photo Of Home Security System AppIn the past, the typical home security system featured one or more surveillance cameras and an alarm system. However, as technology has evolved, home security systems have evolved as well. One such evolution has come about as the idea of the smart home has become more popular.

A smart home is a home where some or all of the household tasks have been automated, such as setting the room temperature, regulating energy consumption, controlling an oven, or programming the home’s alarm system. This is possible if all of the home’s devices have wireless capability and are connected to the same wireless network. The computers on the network make decisions about how to optimize the comfort level in the home and send commands to the individual devices.

As the idea of the smart home has become more mainstream, home security providers have begun to adapt their products correspondingly. Home security systems now feature wireless capability, which allows homeowners to remotely perform tasks such as lock doors, watch surveillance footage, or position motion detectors.

Although smart home security systems certainly have their appeal, they also have their drawbacks. Namely, the systems are vulnerable to being hacked. There have already been reports of hackers targeting smart homes, and these incidents will likely increase as smart homes become more mainstream. Hackers who can access a home’s wireless network can unlock doors, disable alarms, or shut off surveillance cameras. This means that anyone who opts to turn their home into a smart home should also invest in a firewall or other means of making sure their wireless network is protected from outside threats.

Thanks to Jason Lander for the screenshot photo of a home security system app on a phone.

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