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It’s Time to Think Small When it Comes to Art

Posted by on February 4, 2014

Fingernail Art Photo - BlogAppeal.comArt can sometimes seem like a hard-to-grasp concept. From fancy galleries to centuries-old collections, there doesn’t seem to be a clear definition of what falls within the boundaries of art. In 2013 a new kind of art took the world by storm. From the runway to the suburbs, this trend is poised to be bigger and better than ever this year. Check out these five trends in fingernail art you’re sure to see in 2014:

1) Pointed Tips
Celebrities have been rocking the red carpet with the uniquely pointed tip that looks like something an evil fairytale queen might wear. Now partygoers and nightclub regulars have adopted the bold look.

2) Shiny Metallics
Bolder is better when it comes to fingernail art, and one way to grab some attention is by breaking out a shiny metallic purple, silver, or bronze polish. Use metallics on short nails to stay on trend.

3) Beaded Textures
Polish is just the beginning for the beaded texture look. Go 3-D with beading to create a futuristic style that’s sure to turn heads. Try concentrating the beads heavily at the base of the nail and spacing them out so there are few beads at the tips to form a subtle gradient and oh-so-cool look.

4) The Half Moon
This style takes a steady hand, but luckily a few less-than-straight lines will just add to the charm of the look. Start by painting a half-circle shape at the base of each nail, extending up to about 40% of the entire length of the nail. Allow it dry and finish it off with a contrasting color to fill in the rest of the space. Black and white make the perfect color combination for the half moon.

5) Geometric Patterns
Mixing up your fingernail art by showcasing several complementary, yet total different patterns at the same time keeps things fun and fresh. Jagged lines, sharp edges, and contrasting colors all add to this bold and vibrant trend.

Thanks to borispumps for the photo of fingernail art!

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