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No-Touch Technology Making Rapid Advances

Posted by on October 15, 2013

Voice Recognition Siri PhotoNo-touch technology is making its appearance with smartphones such as the Pantech Perception and the Samsung Galaxy S4. High-tech sensors and cameras can be credited with advances in this feature. So far, these devices allow users to look through pictures and even answer a phone call with a sweep of the hand across the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also has a feature called “Smart Scroll.” With this, users can tilt their heads or move their eyes a certain way to scroll through pages on the screen.

Most current smartphones come equipped with voice recognition. The Google Now app on Android and Siri on iOS allow users to simply speak into the phone or device after a one-touch command to access information on the Internet, bring up their list of contacts, and even send text messages. Google Chrome has recently implemented voice recognition for things like e-mail dictation. Ultimately, people can expect to see mobile voice interfaces that allow the user to speak into the device without having to touch it at all.

Aside from smartphones and tablets, no-touch technology has been slowly migrating into the world by other methods. Many restrooms have motion-sensor controlled lighting, no-touch paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and hand dryers have been around for some time. It’s not hard to imagine that these advances will continue to pervade every aspect of our lives.

Thanks to Sean MacEntee for the photo of the Siri voice recognition app featured on Apple products.

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